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Trial attorney Thomas Demas has protected the rights of individuals and families injured by the negligence of others for many years. His clients have suffered serious injuries or devastating losses. They needed compensation for their injuries as soon as possible, but they also needed the compensation to cover all of their losses. In most cases, they haven't been treated fairly by the insurance company, their car accident claim has been wrongly denied or they are being shortchanged for their medical malpractice injury. They needed a strong and aggressive advocate. They needed a trial attorney willing to pursue their claims in court before a jury. For more than 15 years, Thomas Demas has been that advocate for his clients.


Mr. Demas has extensive experience investigating, preparing and presenting successful personal injury cases in court. He has developed a network of investigative and technical experts and medical specialists. Mr. Demas uses these experts to gather evidence, determine the cause of accidents and understand the impact ofthe injuries. Additionally, he uses the latest in courtroom presentation technology to present your case to the jury so the jurors will understand why you are entitled to compensation.


Mr. Demas has litigated as plaintiff's counsel in hundreds of cases. He meets with his clients in person to give their case a detailed initial review and to discuss the insurance coverages. Please explore this website and do not hesitate to contact Mr. Demas if you would like to discuss your case.

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